Organizing a Computer Graphics Tournament

Project Manager: Peter German

Team Members: Ryan Campanella, Kelliny Nasr-Kyrillos, David O'Grady, Shobitan Oladjide

The Wealth from Health® program, utilizes nurses and non-clinical navigators to support, advocate for, and motivate chronically ill patients using an innovative points-driven financial rewards system. The voluntary program enrolls adults and children who have been diagnosed with one or more chronic disease who require outpatient care. To continue the goal of helping to manage and improve the health of the community, it is necessary to create and provide a new portal of access for patients; which we believe can be done by creating a mobile application. The goal for the application is to have one application with the power to replace the combination of several applications that are currently on the market. This can be completed by incorporating: Education center and activity center (with capability for rewards) while being secured.

Sun Tale Arts
Project Terraforming

Project Manager: Edward Conroy

Team Members: Alrashid Jamalul, Mohammad Omer, William McLurkin, Justin Szymanski

The game takes place on a planet designated for colonization; you play as a robot under the United Earth Government who must explore the planet and its structures in order to determine whether or not the planet is habitable for human life.  Most of the gameplay will take place in the Terraforming Cubes which are cubes designed to analyze the data collected from the planet and determine if the planet is habitable or not.  The player will be able to rotate the cube in order to solve the puzzles within and unlock all of the terminals.  The player will also have to avoid obstacles and security measures which will try to prevent the player from getting to the terminal.

Sun Tale Arts
Project Terraforming

Project Manager: Avinash Baldeo

Team Members: Urvesh Patel, Roger Rosa, Christian Bonilla

LitVenu is an online event planning and space management system. It solves the current need of existing systems not being intuitive and easy to use for mid- large sized enterprises. Such companies are stuck using outdated software such as outlook, lotus notes, or WordPress plugins. These existing tools are not reactive enough for changing business needs. Companies need to be able to create, manage, share and handle event sign ups fast and efficiently. Many businesses also have locations and event spaces spread across different geographic regions which are difficult to manage. LitVenu addresses all these needs and more. LitVenu will be delivered as multi-tenant SaSS application that can be accessed from the cloud or deployed on company premises.

Campus Event Mapping

Project Manager: Yakun Li

Team Members: Ryan Campanella, Adam Rathbone, Thomas Tu

Our project is a platform that allows students to browse a list of campus events based on availability, popularity, and personal preference. We will have a class schedule which enables students to plan for the new semester or modify their current schedule. We also will offer a schedule viewer that will combine both classes and events for a more centralized and organized view.

On the administrative side, our project will provide an easy to use, easy to understand interface for clubs and organizations to publish and advertise their events to the students of NJIT. Furthermore, NJIT students who use our product will also be able to create personal events that they can share with either a selected few or the entire NJIT community.

We will create an institute only social network that both ties in many aspects of a student’s campus experience and allows school community to advertise campus events and broadcast announcements more efficiently.

The NJIT Personal Planner will be packaged as an Android application that will be downloadable (free of charge) to the NJIT student body. The app will include a campus map that will have interactive features based on the location of the user's device. Event notifications will appear in the form of augmented reality billboards that appear when your phone camera is facing a building or notable location within NJIT, allowing users to see what events are currently going on near them.

CDL Captial
High Frequency Trading

Project Manager: Kevin Downey

Team Members: Kevin Chang, Alexander Lee, Imraaz Rally


Coding Competition Grading Platform

Project Manager: Ulenn Chern

Team Members: William Ciaurro, Cheulando Gayle, Jan Chris Tacbianan, Matthew Wolfman


Hoover Family Foundation
Client Court Application

Project Manager: Fadi Ghazali

Team Members: Christian Alexander, Quinn Baker-Drummond, Jonathan Nammour, Crispin Owuor


Munch Tour

Project Manager: Ritesh Patel

Team Members: Emmanuel Ajiboye, Gavin David, Youken Ikeda, Justin Locke



Project Manager: Stephen Morrison

Team Members: Andres Alramirano, Christopher Nolan, Adam Rathbone



Project Manager: Koushik Dhar

Team Members: Hirra Butt, Christian Alexander, Cesar Salazar